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Hugsi helps you hack the psychology behind gift giving. Finally, discover what they actually want
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Real Stories from Hugsi Users

"Hugsi helped me discover my mother's love for sentimental gifts. I was able to turn her birthday into an unforgettable moment."

Sarah G.

"Gift shopping has become a joy instead of a headache! I love learning more about my friends and family."

Emily C.

"I was definitely skeptical, but Hugsi convinced me that our family should not give up on gift giving."

Tristian K.
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Gift Language Quiz™

Take our expertly developed Gift Language Quiz™ to discover which types of gifts you value and appreciate the most.

AI Gift Suggestions

Hugsi makes individualized gift recommendations based on the specific person you're planning for. No more generic gift guides!

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Gifting Calender

Keep track of all the important gift giving opportunities, and set up notifications so you always have plenty of time to plan the perfect gift.

From our gifting expert:

"Gift giving is inherently intertwined with human psychology

Hugsi has built an app that strives to utilize what the field of psychology knows about gift giving to generate more gift successes. Unlike gift guides, which are made for the masses as opposed to individual people, Hugsi attempts to ensure givers treat each recipient as a unique person with unique preferences. And unlike gift registries, which can feel uninspiring, Hugsi strives to keep the concept of fun central to the gifting endeavor. In other words, Hugsi is working to create gifting successes in a fun and thoughtful way."


Dr. Julian Givi
Expert gift psychologst

Discover your Gift Language™

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